Who are we?

ASLOG: leading French network
of supply chain professionals

ASLOG brings together more than 400 companies from all sectors, with 2000 professionals working together to promote and build tomorrow’s Supply Chain.

ASLOG, a neutral and independent association, is responsible for the supply chain. In 1972, visionary men felt that this function would be decisive for all companies. For more than forty years, professionals in the sector have made ASLOG a referenced partner.

ASLOG is the privileged interlocutor of the institutions and public authorities on all questions regarding the sector.

ASLOG’s missions

Convincing all companies of the Supply Chains’ strategic role and its necessary presence on the Executive Committee

Companies need to be predictive and agile to meet customer satisfaction requirements and to adapt to an ever-changing economic environment.

  • New consumption patterns, resolutely multi-channel,
  • Demanding and volatile customers,
  • Increasing international competition,
  • Product life cycles and even shorter delivery times,
  • New economic, social and environmental issues.

In this context, ASLOG mobilizes the management of companies on the major contribution of the Supply Chain in the conduct of business. The success of a company depends on a relevant supply-chain strategy, which is carried to the executive committees.

Codes have changed. Distribution and consumption patterns impulse and influence the marketing and the commercial choices of businesses. The Supply Chain has become a strategic and not an executive function.

Promote supply chain, its businesses and its specificities to the economic and institutional sectors

The internal and external actors of the Supply Chain are the unavoidable conductors of business success. ASLOG actively contributes to the knowledge and recognition of this sector and its businesses.
Reinforcing this visibility is essential to recruit tomorrow’s talents who discover thanks to Aslog an exciting and dynamic sector at the heart of the business’ company.

Bringing the French supply chain to the international market

To build and imagine tomorrow »s Supply Chain, ASLOG must imperatively interact with the sector’s actor on all the continents. In 2017, a cooperation agreement was concluded between ASLOG and APICS.

ASLOG in action

Source of new ideas:
labs and working groups

In order to meet the challenges of agility and productivity, ASLOG organizes working groups where the Supply Chain professional imagine new solutions for the sector.

Exchange Relay:
conferences and debates

To build tomorrow’s Supply Chain, every Supply Chain actor must be aware of the new practices and the evolution of the sector. To do this, ASLOG organizes conferences and debates on all the sector’s themes.

benchmarks, surveys, training

ASLOG carries out benchmarks and sector surveys to evaluate the supply chain at national and international level. ALOG is also a training and certification course.

Creator of links:
the strength of the network

ASLOG connects 2000 Supply Chain professionals through its directory and events. Students and alternates exchange with member companies.

Creator of resources:
useful content

ASLOG’s strength network is to be a resource in terms of content useful and practical for the professionals of the sector.