COVID-19: The #SupplyChain4Good community mobilizes to accelerate the flow of necessities and fight against the pandemic

COVID-19: The #SupplyChain4Good community mobilizes to accelerate the flow of necessities and fight against the pandemic


Paris, March 27th, 2020

To fight the Covid19 virus, the Supply Chain is more than ever at the heart of a France that is organising itself to deal with this unprecedented situation.

Provision of necessities and medical equipment: Supply chains are becoming progressively tighter, less reliable and more vulnerable. However, the maintenance, solidity and security of these priority supply chains becomes vital.

In this context, Movin’On and ASLOG working on sustainable mobility solutions for goods through the SupplyChain4Good community could not remain inactive. This is why part of the community is already organising the link between the available logistical capacities and the needs of the actors who are on the front line (hospitals, food distribution and necessities, etc.).

You have an urgent need in Supply Chain? (Transport, Logistics, Storage, Delivery or Material related to our business)

Are you a Supply Chain actor? Do you currently have unused capacities and wish to contribute to the collective effort?

Send your need or yout capacity by email to:

From now on, the system makes it possible to receive via email the needs as well as the available capacities: a team is then in charge of consolidating them and communicating with the right players.

Meanwhile SupplyChain4Good partners are working on the development of a dedicated digital platform that will soon facilitate networking.

For example: The initiative made it possible to identify in just a few hours the essential partners to accompany LOKAD (a company specialised in digital supply chain optimisation solutions) in the project to sterilise used masks for reuse, and their delivery.


The #SupplyChain4Good community was created at the initiative of Michelin and ASLOG, as part of the Movin’On ecosystem, in favor of a more sustainable mobility of goods.

#SupplyChain4Good’s ambition is to bring together players working for Supply Chains that are simultaneously good for the planet, for people and for business performance.

Members of this community are “shippers” (industrial and commercial companies), “operators” (transporters, logisticians, shipping companies, ports…), “support functions” (academics, consultants, information systems, regulators, NGOs…). They cover all economic sectors and all regions of the world. Their work takes place throughout the year and culminates in the annual Movin’On Summit, the world summit on sustainable mobility.

Active contributors to the project

 #SupplyChain4Good #Covid19

Pierre-Martin HUET VP Global Supply Chain MICHELIN
Valérie MACREZ ASLOG General Director
Ivan BATURONE Supply Chain Innovation Director MICHELIN
Fabien ESNOULT Member of ASLOG executive committee and SprintProject President
Alain BORRI BP2R General Director
Augustin GUELDRY Colicoach General Director
Frédéric MIREBEAU WelcomeTrack President
Jérôme LEFORT Partner Associate LLC & Associés (Legal Expert)
Frédéric VAGLIO Groupe Meliora President (Security Expert)
Benoit AUJAY B2PWeb General Director
 | About ASLOG
ASLOG brings together more than 400 companies from all sectors, representing 2,000 professionals working together to promote and build tomorrow’s Supply Chain. ASLOG is a neutral and independent association that addresses the challenges of the Supply Chain. As early as 1972, visionary men sensed that this function would be decisive for all companies. For almost fifty years, professionals in the sector have made ASLOG the reference partner. The ASLOG is the privileged interlocutor of institutions and public authorities on all questions related to the sector.

For more information: | Linkedin : aslog | Twitter : @aslog_france

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Valérie MACREZ,

ASLOG General Director

07 77 28 15 00

| About the Movin’On Community

Created and inspired by Michelin, Movin’On is the world’s first community developing concrete solutions to meet the challenges of sustainable mobility. Movin’On and its partners work throughout the year in an ecosystem, notably through the Movin’On Lab “think and do tank” to move from ambition to action. Every year the Movin’On community organises its summit to make concrete progress on its projects. For three days, 5,000 participants from large companies, start-ups, international organizations, public authorities and academia work together. Thanks to a unique production by C2 International, the Movin’On Summit encourages meetings and exchanges and facilitates the sharing of experiences. For more information,

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