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Eurolog 2019 – Athens, Greece

3 avril 2019 - 4 avril 2019

EUROLOG 2019, the annual international congress of the European Logistics Association (ELA), aims to bring together the Greek and European Logistics Industry.  The program of the congress includes lectures, thematic sessions, panel discussions and workshops in the context of ELA Supply Chain Talent Day.  The congress will offer value added benefits to each participant through knowledge and experiences exchange plus new prosperous business contacts establishments.


The main theme of this year’s congress is “A new way of doing business”. The Congress aims to highlight the effect of economic, technological and environmental trends – the three main drivers of global trade and logistics according to the World Bank – in the Supply Chain business. The shift of economic gravity towards Asia, the digital revolution together with the challenge set by Global Warming, create new challenges for Supply Chain business, especially in terms of strategies, intermodal transport and management of operations.


The main topics to be discussed during the 25th EUROLOG 2019 include:

  • Supply Chain Strategy in Industry 4.0
  • European & Global Supply Chain Infrastructure
  • Belt and Road Initiative
  • The future of Logistics
  • New Technologies in Supply Chain
  • Gaining Transport Efficiency with ITS
  • Smart City Logistics
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Retail Supply Chain Management in an Interconnected World
  • The era of Customer Experience in Supply Chain
  • From Supply Chain to Supply Cycle
  • Excellence in Logistics Services

The 25th EUROLOG 2019 will also be the setting for ELA Supply Chain Talent Day, to address two main challenges in HR through fundamental workshops:

  • “The Challenges of Supply Chain Leadership”
  • “Motivating Women in Supply Chain”

Last, but not least, all attendees are invited to spend a wonderful Gala Dinner, an exclusive networking event, on the evening of April 3rd, where they will have the opportunity to build connections and grow their network.


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3 avril 2019
Fin :
4 avril 2019
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