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46 avenue de Villiers – 75017 Paris


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01 42 12 50 50


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Formation and Employment


AFTRAL is the biggest logistics transport training centre in France.
Created 60 years ago by professionals for professionals, AFTRAL allocate all resources for the formation quality and development in transportation and logistics.
With more than 500 innovative programs, AFTRAL propose a full range of basic and continuous training allowing an operational answer to all professional’s needs in the transportation and logistics sector. More than 190 000 peoples reinforce, develop and certify their professional competences with AFTRAL every year.
More than 3000 people follow every year within 23 AFTRAL specialized school (ISTELI, ENSTV, EPT, IMG) and CFA institute, all over France, a diploma course from second-year university level to master degree in national and international freight transport and Logistics & Supply Chain.
AFTRAL propose a formation provided by logistics transport professional counsellor, to share a real expertise, based on their experience, a pedagogy that lay on role-playing and a close partnership with more than 1000 companies of all sizes.
AFTRAL in few figures – 2 000 collaborators whose 1 100 permanent trainers, with a professional experience in Logistics-Transport – 100 training centres all over France – 46 CFA institute (Training centre for apprentices) and 23 higher college of education – 190 000 people formed every year – 3700 apprentices formed every year from CAP to master degree – 87% of success at the exams – 98% interns satisfied.