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10 Quai de Bercy – 94220 CHARENTON LE PONT


Phone :

01 41 79 77 77


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Line of business :

Real estate & construction


Representative : Laurent SABATUCCI


In partnership with AG REAL ESTATE and PRD, the EOL Logistic department commercialize the biggest logistic new platform launched in white in France of 63 000 m² at Réau / Sénart (77) 

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Logistic availability Ile-de-France / South of Oise / Haute Normandie, from September 2016 (Dispolog).

This document is the status of our logistic surface available.
In Île-de-France, South of Oise and Haute Normandie we identify 63 immediate offers available, representing more than one million of m² ( 8% of vacuum)