What skills and talents to meet the new supply chain challenges?

What skills and talents to meet the new supply chain challenges?

While the Supply Chain is now at the heart of a company’s strategy and success, the question of talent and new skills is imperative.

Which supply chain manager profile to manage a service that has become strategic and no longer executive?

Management and Human Resources must redefine, as of now, the roles, objectives and positioning of the Supply Chain Director within the company. What type of profiles and career paths should be used to effectively manage the company’s Supply Chain?

What new skills are needed?

Up until now, the sector had a repository of profiles and skills expected by the Supply Chain. New challenges are reappearing on the maps of logistics functions and professions. What skills are actually required to define future Supply Chain professions? How are schools preparing for this and training tomorrow’s employees? How to make the Supply Chain more attractive to these new talents?

How will companies and human resources respond to the impacts that robotization and artificial intelligence will have on employment?

The mass automation of the Supply Chain will have a direct impact on all the execution trades. How can we support this development and the employees concerned? What trade-offs will have to be made? Will internal training meet the changing needs of trades and skills??

On June 7, the companies that make the difference meet in Paris to discuss the advantages of the Supply Chain.


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