Partenaire SPI LOGITIC

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Adresse :

32 rue de la République – 69002 LYON


Télephone :

04 74 46 25 56


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Secteur d’activité :
Conditionnement / Entreposage / Copacking


Conditioner / co-manufacturer:

As a leader in the primary packaging of consumer products for food, cosmetics and hygiene, SPI enables major consumers to implement their strategic or tactical decisions more quickly than with their own tools, while maintaining all the requirements and guarantees of industrial production.

Industrial copacker:

SPI develops its own automated and robotic lines to execute all copacking operations: boxing, sleeving, promotional batches. Faster, more agile, SPI designs specific boxes, displays or packaging by integrating – right from the design stage – the optimisation of their assembly and filling, the ergonomics of the operators on the line as well as the constraints possibly linked to the machines, resistance and transport tests, and the optimisation of the purchase and procurement of materials.
Our ability to drive a full cost approach is unique and makes us a partner with very high benefit for marketing departments and supply-chain management.

Self-integrated logistics specialist:

Through its industrial culture, SPI designs and operates high value-added warehouses. Our unique ability to develop and integrate automated or robotic solutions ourselves, allows optimized design times and costs, and significantly reduces the frequent risks associated with unknown and poorly controlled solutions. Our flexibility enables our customers to respond more quickly to the risks and uncertainties they are experiencing: SPI Logistic thus makes a very concrete contribution to improving the resilience of their supply-chain.